Creating Innovative Engineering (ENGR90034)

What is Creating Innovative Engineering?

Creating Innovative Engineering is a Masters-level subject offered by the Melbourne School of Engineering. Designed for the early stages of the Masters of Engineering, the aim of the subject is to give participants both practical experience in, and theoretical insights into, elements of engineering innovation.

The subject is intense, challenging, experiential and requires significant self-direction. Participants will work on an innovation project sponsored by a professional organisation.

A key theme is that the individual cannot be separated from the technical processes of engineering innovation. The impact of both individual and team contributions to the engineering and innovation processes will be examined in the context of real world challenges.

For more information about the subject, including eligibility criteria, please see the Handbook entry.

Please note: All project sponsors will require that students maintain the confidentiality of their proprietary information. Some project sponsors will require students to assign any Intellectual Property created (other than Copyright in their Assessment Materials) to the University. The projects may vary in the hours needed for a successful outcome.

I am of the opinion that CIE-like subjects should be made available to most of the different types of degrees that are offered at tertiary level. Not only it allows us to become more employable by enabling us to develop key skills required in the workplace by bridging the gap between student and corporate life, but it also presents a platform where we can at least express our deepest thoughts and insights

Former CIE student